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We are a digital marketing resources platform for entrepreneurs & marketing professionals

Get access to all necessary marketing resources that you need to grow your business, build your brand, setup effective marketing frameworks and connect with your customers, easily!

90+ marketing resources

90+ detailed marketing guides, templates, reports & kits to help you build an effective online presence for your or your clients' businesses. (valued at €499)

Up-to-date & Personalized

Up-to-date information, new additions to the repository and feature to request new guides/templates.

White-labeled & Customized

Fully Customizable, White-labeled & Downloadable resources to help you customize and reuse them with your teammates and/or clients.

Lifetime Access (No Upsell)

No upsell packages, one lifetime access along with lifetime free updates.

Everything At Just


(Lifetime Access)

Limited Time Offer!

Create and Manage a successful marketing setup at:

5X Speed

Streamline Processes

Having access to all your digital marketing  knowledge at one place will enable you to quickly streamline your marketing workflow, delegate faster, share with your clients, empower yourself or your team and save immense time.

1/7th Cost

Unlock Cost Savings

With the DIY kits & guides, you can easily & effectively setup, execute, optimize and analyze your end-to-end digital marketing processes & more, without having to hire additional help. Also with proven & effective process tips you avoid incur extra costs from inefficient marketing setups & processes.

3X Effectiveness

Increase Efficiency

By staying organized and up-to-date with the latest strategies and trends in digital marketing, you can execute a more effective marketing plan that yields better results in less time and cost.

Digital Marketing Knowledge Repository

Who Is This For?

If you’re a professional looking to achieve success with your digital marketing efforts at any level.

And, if you love to save time by focusing on seamless and effective marketing execution without spending countless hours researching or reinventing the wheel.

Then this is for you.

Small Business Owners & Solopreneurs

Get all necessary resources to streamline your digital marketing processes, save costs on hiring freelancers, increase efficiency and automate your business growth processes.

Startup Founders & Teams

Create effective marketing plans, effectively delegate marketing tasks with our guides, simplify onboarding of teammates and provides access to knowledge bases for aiding your business growth.

Marketing Agencies & Professionals

Get access to tools that reduce guesswork, delegate effectively, improve knowledge, customize & whitelabel the guides to onboard clients easily and enable you to deliver services with maximum impact.

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Submitted Reviews
"DigiPlaneet has played a major role in helping me diversify my service portfolio! Client follow-ups and guiding them has become easier with their guides & templates which otherwise would have taken me hours. Also, I feel my internal processes have gotten more efficient and faster. I am quite happy with the results!"
Niamh Walsh
Marketing Freelancer
"As a solopreneur, I am always looking for solutions that can reduce my work load or simplify stuffs for me. Though I was a bit skeptical at first but still the lifetime access to the monthly updated repository list at such a reasonable price seemed like a no-brainer for me. Currently I can say, that I am quite satisfied and it's like my go-to place for anything related to my or my client's business marketing needs."
António Silva
Founder, Portugal
“As someone with almost no marketing experience and knowledge, DigiPlaneet has been a brilliant resource for me to improve my business's online marketing efforts. My online store has seen a lot of improvements, and I now have access to a lot of valuable data that I had no idea of tracking before. The detailed guides will definitely get a thumbs up from a novice like me, as I was able to handle them on my own. I have requested a few more guides myself, looking forward to the team to add them to the list too."
Jonathan D
Co-Founder, US-based SME
"As a 51-year-old first-time entrepreneur trying to navigate the digital world of my consumers, the resource repository of DigiPlaneet has been quite helpful. The online marketing nuances provided in the resource repository have been tremendously helpful in guiding my VA and improving my business's overall marketing efforts and strategies."
Benjamin Evans
Director of a consultancy firm, UK
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Your Centralized Digital Marketing Resources Repository

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Now You Can Master & Execute Your Marketing Plans Effortlessly
  • Looking for a way to analyze your website traffic? There is a guide for that.
  • Want to create an effective Facebook Ads sales-focused campaign? There is a guide for that.
  • Need to create a social media calendar for the next quarter? There is a template for that.

In short, we have got you covered. Now you can perform any specific digital marketing task from branding to analytics to ads strategy to copywriting all in the most effective way, that too quite easily.

Want to know what's inside the knowledge base?

Resources For All Your Major Marketing Needs

Complete virtually any marketing task easily in highly reduced time, without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

Up-to-date and Detailed

Avoid wasting time scouring the internet for up-to-date marketing information, get comprehensive and detailed marketing resources, which is always up-to-date.

One-stop Solution for All

From business owners looking to master new marketing channel to marketing professionals looking to offer additional services, this is a one-stop solutions repository for all users.